Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't it always seem to go...

So the first half of Round 3 has come and gone. I really enjoyed working with the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity - probably my favorite project so far, at least work-wise. Our second half of the Round has been canceled twice and I'm still not sure where we're going after next weekend. Hopefully we find out soon. And hopefully it isn't Iowa, since we'll be here Sept. 10 - Nov. 2 anyway. Or I guess technically until Nov. 15 when we leave.

[UPDATE: We'll be working with the Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity Aug. 20-Sept. 10. So much for getting out of this state.]

My heart is really heavy right now. I don't know how to deal with things. I need to figure out a plan for when this is over. I've got nothing. I think I want to do another AmeriCorps program, but I haven't really found one yet that I'm that interested in.

Our Round 4 project will be in Monticello, Iowa working at Camp Courageous. I think we're counselors, and we're working with adults with disabilities. These last 3 months will be challenging that's for sure.

I don't really have anything else to say, I just wanted to update for the sake of updating. I guess I'll end with the poem I wrote for my individual reflection for the Habitat project.

Building Home

A board here and a board there,
The smell of sawdust in the air
A plan, a dream, time spent for free
Hammers and nails swung carelessly

The sun beats down, an itchy treat
Nobody said insulation was an easy feat
It’s coming together, it’s almost done
Just finishing touches are what’s to come

Sweat and dedication make for tales in this
Some paint to mask the blemishes
Sod and dirt and rocks look pretty
Isn’t this poem just super witty?

From the ground up, a house comes together
Despite the time, the people, the weather
With tears and laughter, memories shown
A life to make this house a home

-Ashley Carmichael